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Everyday 10am ~ 7pm

3115 w 26th street chicago, il 60623

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5050 s kedzie ave Chicago, il 60632

Discount mega mall

Discount mall

since 1991
historic Shopping

About Discount Mall

3115 w 26th street Chicago, il 60623

Welcome to Discount Mall, your one-stop destination for the vibrant and rich world of traditional Hispanic and Latino fashion and lifestyle! Nestled in the heart of the city, our mall is a captivating haven where culture, style, and savings come together

The La Villaita Discount mall on 26th St, Chicago since 1991: Latino - owned booths with Quinceanera dresses, jewelry, religious items and Traditional clothing. A historic immigrant entry point, fostering Latino culture & business.

El Discount Mall centro comercial en el corazón de La Villita en 26th St, Chicago desde 1991: Dueños Latino’s con puestos que venden vestidos de quinceañera, joyas, artículos religiosos, ropa tradicional y mucho mas!

También, un punto de entrada para inmigrantes que quieran llevar a su negocio a otro nivel.


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5050 s kedzie ave 
Chicago, il 60632

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La apertura de Discount Mega Mall en el 5050 S. Kedzie Ave Chicago, viene muy pronto.


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Contact Info

3115 W 26th St Chicago, IL 60623
Phone : 311 961 5677
5050 S Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60632
Phone : 847 354 3000
Email  :

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